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7th Generation Jeweler

//jyoti Singhvi

The foundation of the luxury brand JYOTI was laid more than 150 years ago when designer Jyoti Singhvi’s ancestors established a jewelry business that outfitted India’s nobility in the finest jewels.

Even as Jyoti studied at Harvard and MIT, she dreamed of building on her jewelry heritage that began seven generations ago. So she followed her heart, returning to the world of jewelry, which she knew so well. Soon she was working for some of the world’s most revered jewelry brands, including Cartier, where she further learned the intricacies of the industry.

Jyoti always considered jewels as a lasting way to connect people to deeper meanings in their lives. However, Jyoti’s experiences made her realize that some of the most extraordinary designer pieces were actually commercialized designs, many of which failed to capture an individual’s true identity. Jyoti’s belief was further reinforced when she and her husband asked some of the venerable brands to design her engagement ring. The couple wanted this symbol of love and promise to reflect their unique story and style but instead they were shown jewelry that lacked originality and soul.

Jyoti knew that the time had come to embrace her heritage, experiences, and passion. Hence, the brand JYOTI was born with the vision to create bespoke jewels that bring every person’s unique story to life.