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Why Bespoke


Bespoke Jewelry Designed to Celebrate YOU!

 Bespoke Engagement Rings, Bespoke Jewelry

Designer Jyoti Singhvi believes that everyone has a fascinating story, which must be honored and cherished. She understands that we lead fast paced lives and juggle many different fronts - which leaves us with little or no time for ourselves or for the people and things important to us. 


With her goal to celebrate your life and to connect you with what is meaningful, she uncovers your personal story and brings it to life in the form of breathtakingly beautiful one-of-a-kind bespoke custom jewelry that narrates your story.  


Through intimate conversations with you, Jyoti discovers the rich and meaningful aspects of your life, then sets to work, skillfully incorporating all of those distinctive elements.  Jyoti’s creative process is truly like no other, in which your voice is always heard, and your captivating story shines through.


The result is a one-of-a-kind jewel that is quintessentially you… a piece that emotionally connects you with your most momentous experiences, your most loved people, and your most cherished dreams. Artfully designed with attention to detail, it is couture in the truest sense. Each creation is a modern-day heirloom that transcends time and puts life in perspective. There is no better way to celebrate your life and tell your story for generations to come.


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