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Bespoke Process


Bespoke Design Process

We have a collaborative and transparent process so we can

design a bespoke jewel that truly celebrates who you are!


Discovery: Our goal in this first step is to discover what is meaningful to you: important people, places, memories, dreams, inspirations and passions. We also learn about your personal style, your preferences, and your lifestyle. In this introductory conversation, Jyoti uses a set of guided and spontaneous questions to discover your story as an individual or as a couple. 

Concept: In the next phase, we present concepts inspired by your unique story. We work closely with you to identify the ideal design. We always welcome client input and incorporate your feedback in designing the perfect creation for you.

Prototype: Next, we share a 3D rendering of the design so you can see what the final creation will look like from different angles.  We try our level best to keep the design process transparent so you foresee in as realistic fashion as possible what we will artfully create for you. This will also be an opportunity to make final adjustments that you may request.

Final creation: We present you with the ultimate masterpiece that uncovers your story and connects you with the most meaningful things in your life.

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