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Running on all cylinders and want to feel more connected to your real self?


How JYOTI Jewelry Collections connect you to what's really meaningful in your life!


When I launched JYOTI Couture Jewelry building upon 7 generations of my family’s heritage, I had 2 goals for the jewelry:

(1) To complement the internal and external beauty of the woman

(2) And more importantly, to connect her to the real person she is!

Fine Jewelry is a very special purchase, and I didn’t want it to be about the flowers, nature and travels that a designer is normally inspired by. I wanted it to be more empowering for her! I wanted something that narrated her story, and celebrated her every single day! She is a busy woman who is running on all cylinders! She wears many different hats personally, professionally and philanthropically. In the process, she may lose touch with her inner self. I know I did! So I put myself in her shoes and designed each collection inspired by her life, learnings, yearnings and experiences…with the goal to capture her soul, her essence, and her energy. And so was born JYOTI Jewelry Collections: Couture jewelry which creates a framework, a memoir, a soulful work of art. The purpose for this framework is to connect her to the most momentous experiences, her dearest loved ones, her passions, her inspirations and her most cherished dreams. I invite you to visit us at www.JyotiNewYork.com

I look forward to showing you in person how our jewelry helps you connect today and celebrates you for generations!  Click here to email or call us to make an appointment.

The Coeur Collection (Our very first signature collection)


"Coeur" is the root of the word Core – which means “heart” and “center”. Inspired by you, the collection connects YOU (the diamond in the center represents you) - to the 6 things that are closest to your heart (the 6 petals):

Dreams that keep you going
Passions that energize you
Memories you cherish
Things you hold close
Places you have been
People you love

Layered Moments Collection


Life is infused with layers of experiences and memories. Although randomly scattered, beautiful moments abound and make us laugh, cry, smile, and make us the person we are. This remarkable ring represents those enriching experiences with gracefully fluid layers of paisleys. Uncut diamonds set in strategic randomness celebrate the memorable moments in our lives.

Balance, Strength & Wisdom Collection


3 connected circles augur irreplaceable Balance, strength and wisdom in our everyday lives. We look up to the Indian Goddesses Durga, Laxmi and Saraswati as we pursue these traits in our life. The “Balance” circle in the center represents the well accomplished fulfilling life balanced with time for self, loved ones and the pursuit of passions. The strength circle on the left, above the heart embodies the courage to face challenges and to come out victorious. The “Wisdom” circle on the right represents intellect, experience and intuition which render prudence every step of the way.

Bubbles Collection


This fun and playful collection represents the “celebration of champagne bubbles”, the “relaxation of bath bubbles” and the “laughter of poppin’ bubbles”. So relax, celebrate and laugh – you deserve all the very best!

Eternally Beautiful Collection

The Eternally Beautiful Collection reminds you that You are always beautiful inside and out, casual or dressed up, playful or focused. The "Eternally Beautiful" collection complements you in all your moments of beauty.