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10 Most Meaningful Gifts That Express Your Love For Mom On Mother's Day

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A meaningful gift for mom does not have to be expensive or time-consuming to create. Mothers

appreciate the little things their kids do for them. We have come up with a list of 10 best ideas to help

you get started with creating that special gift that will last a lifetime.

1. Have you ever thought about all the reasons why you love your mom? Make a “Reasons

Why I Love You” book for her and flip through the memories of you two together.

2. What are the things your mom can’t leave the house without? Make the ultimate

mommy survival kit filled with all her favorite things. Add lipgloss, nail polish, chocolate,

hair ties, nail filer, etc. to a mini cosmetic case she can carry in her purse.

3. When was the last time you and your mom took a professional picture together? Plan a

girl’s day, get your hair and makeup done and take photos. This “mommy and me photo

shoot” experience will create a memory in and of itself, and the prints will last forever.

4. Moms love quotes as much as we do! Find a way to get your mother’s favorite message

printed or embroidered on a pillow. This can be a DIY craft for those who are up for the

challenge, but for those who need some help visit this website to get started.

5. Does your mom love to cook? Even if she’s a pro already, you can create a recipe book

of new recipes with her favorite ingredients. Return the favor and prepare meals for her

like she has always done for you.

6. Give your mom a gift that truly comes from the heart; a hand written poem or letter.

This is a unique, thoughtful way to express how much she means to you.

7. Remember how your mom used to follow you around everywhere with the video

camera? Now it’s your turn! Put together video montages of your mom to capture her

life now just like she used to capture yours.

8. Create some personalized coupons to treat her to “free” moments of love and affection.

They can read “Free for a shoulder rub” or “Available for a movie together.” You’ll have

fun coming up with special ways to spoil her.

9. There is nothing mom loves more than watching her family grow. Create a thumbprint

family tree of all her children, grandchildren, nieces and nephew’s thumbprints. She will

love seeing the thumbprint tree grow after every new generation.

10. Remind your mom of all the moments you shared together in a jar full of memories.

Write down your favorite memories – funny, happy, and embarrassing – and add them

to a jar so when mama needs a walk down memory lane she can pull out a memory and


Creating a personal gift for Mother’s day will give her something to cherish for a lifetime. We

would love to hear from you, share with us ways you tell your mom she’s loved.