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and gemstones


Jyoti’s intellectual creativity sets her apart from other designers. She innovates each piece with purpose and intelligence, infusing it with her passion for life and her penchant for storytelling. Marrying the intricacies of hand-craftsmanship with the marvels of engineering, she designs jewels that are truly awe-inspiring.


Ever-discerning, Jyoti sets the same high standards for her materials and workmanship.  Each Jyoti creation is made by some of the best craftsmen in the United States.  She uses diamonds, gemstones, and metals that are derived from ethical, social, and environmentally responsible sources. The gemstones are handpicked, so they are perfectly matched in color, clarity, shape, and size. Every diamond, even the smallest, is cut with well-proportioned facets. Each stone is meticulously set by hand so as to reflect optimum light, thus creating an exquisite jewel.