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Customer Service


Contact Us

For questions or for assistance, please contact our Customer Contact Center here.



Customers may place orders online at www.JyotiNewYork.com or by calling us at the phone number here Monday - Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST. We do not accept orders by email. All orders are subject to email or fax confirmation by JYOTI.  Once the order is submitted by the customer, it may not be changed or cancelled. JYOTI also reserves the right to require verbal or written confirmation of orders by the customer.


For each product selected on the www.JYOTINewYork.com website, a summary page will be displayed featuring all products in the shopping bag with a photograph of each item, details, quantity selected, unit price, and the total amount owed for the order. It is the responsibility of the customer to check that this displayed information accurately reflects their selection before confirming their order.



Review and Confirmation of Order


You should carefully check all details before placing your order through the Customer Contact Center or on the Website, including but not limited to, the Order Reference Number and the particulars of the sale, which will be provided on the Website or by the JYOTI Customer Service Professional.  Please make sure that you save this Order Reference Number for any future enquiries. 


Once you have submitted your order on www.JyotiNewYork.com or via phone, you have agreed to accept the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Customer Service Policy on www.JyotiNewYork.com. After your submission of order, JYOTI will send a confirmation via email that it has received your order, which will be processed following the credit and anti-fraud checks. This confirmation of order is not an acceptance of your order.


JYOTI may record evidence of all transactions between JYOTI and its customers. In the event of a dispute between JYOTI and one of its customers relating a transaction conducted on the website, the data recorded by JYOTI shall be treated as evidence of the details of the transaction.



Acceptance of Order

After the confirmation of the order, it will be ready for payment processing. JYOTI will send you by email a written Acceptance of order, with the status of the order "Awaiting Fulfilment". Your order will be shipped only after JYOTI, LLC has received full payment from the credit card provider.


JYOTI has the right to cancel any order placed by a customer with whom it has had a dispute concerning a prior order, or if JYOTI has reasonable ground to suspect that such customer has violated JYOTI Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy or Customer Service Policy or is engaged in fraudulent or grey market activities or if JYOTI has not received adequate funds form the customer.

JYOTI reserves the right to refuse at any moment in time, without prior notice, orders exceeding a certain number of products and/or  JYOTI reserves the right to change the assortment of items offered and reserves the right to limit the quantity of items that may be purchased at any time, without prior notice at our sole and absolute discretion.


Return and Exchange Policy

We pay utmost care to make sure that you are satisfied with our high quality and service standards.  To maintain exclusivity and quality we do not mass-produce our products.  Therefore, each JYOTI jewelry is made-to-order and hand-crafted especially for your order to meet your needs.  If you are not 100% satisfied with your JYOTI purchase made through www.JyotiNewYork.com website, it would be our pleasure to exchange your purchase for equal or greater value (You are responsible to pay the difference in price) or for merchandize credit for products that are not customized, not altered, not sized and not bespoke, and if the product(s) is shipped to us within 7 days of you receiving the product(s) in accordance with our return and exchange policy.


All exchanges will be processed based on our sole and absolute discretion that the product is authentic, in its original unused condition, with all original & unaltered tags on the product, has not been worn, has no signs of wear, damage, or alteration, and is no fraud or misrepresentation of the products or facts on part of the customer.  The merchandise you wish to exchange must be shipped with the original receipt and in its original packaging.


If you have any questions about our exchange policy, please contact us here.



  • Please follow the shipping and processing instructions below for all exchanges. 
  • No returns are accepted; Only exchanges as per the policy above.
  • For custom, customized, altered, and bespoke products the exchange policy is different.  Please review below.

No Returns or Exchanges for Custom, Customized or Bespoke Products

Since custom, customized, bespoke, altered, sized or engraved creations were made to fit your specifications, we are unable to exchange or return any of these items.


Shipping Policy for Purchases and Exchanges


We want to ensure that you have a convenient and enjoyable experience shopping with  JYOTI. (1) Therefore, we will gladly pay for the shipping cost for the original purchase.  (2) If for any reason you need to exchange the product, we will also pay for the return shipping cost for the original product.  (3) We will also ship the exchanged product to you at no cost to you.   In summary, we will pay for shipping for up to 3 times including the original product, return shipping, and exchange product shipping. 

If you should need to exchange the product additional time(s) after the first exchange, you will be responsible for all additional "to" and "from" shipping and insurance. For exchanges, the customer must comply with the “Return and Exchange Policy” as well as the “Shipping Policy for Products to be Exchanged”.

We only accept orders for delivery to addresses in the United States of America, the 50 states located therein, and the District of Columbia. Please note that JYOTI, LLC does not ship to PO boxes, APO/FPO addresses and hotels.


To ensure the safety of the product, JYOTI insures each product shipment during the time it is in transit until it is delivered to you. Since we require a signature by an authorized adult to confirm your acceptance of each JYOTI product delivered, we will call or email before an order is shipped to confirm that an authorized person is available to receive the order and to sign it. Once the shipment is signed by an authorized person at the shipping address you provide, the responsibility for your purchased goods passes to you the client and JYOTI, LLC will not be responsible for any loss or damages to the product(s).


If you have specified a recipient who is not you for delivery purposes (for example as a gift) then you understand and accept that evidence of a signature by such recipient (or at that delivery address) is evidence of delivery and fulfillment of the sale contract by JYOTI and transfer of responsibility to the recipient in the same way as if the product had been delivered to you. 


When estimating package delivery time, please allow time for credit approval, address verification and order processing.  The shipping time will vary for each product especially in cases where the product is made-to-order for you, or it is customized or is designed custom/bespoke just for you.  For questions about the order delivery time please contact us here.


Shipping Instructions for Exchanges

Please review the "Shipping Policy for Purchases and Exchanges".  For an exchange, you must first process the exchange by calling JYOTI Customer Contact Center by phone at the phone number listed here. We will not accept any exchanged products if an exchange has not been processed over the phone in accordance with our Terms and Conditions and our Customer Service policy. 


After you have processed the exchange by calling JYOTI Customer Contact Center, you will receive an email with pre-paid shipping and insurance label which must be adhered to the return shipping box. Please only ship with the carrier (UPS, USPS or FEDEX) whose return label is emailed to you. 

Any shipments for exchanges sent without the pre-paid mailing and insured label from JYOTI, LLC will not be accepted for any exchanges.  JYOTI, LLC is not responsible for loss or damage of the products you ship for exchange to JYOTI Customer Contact Center.  




Proof of Agreement

The Confirmation of Order and the order status updates that are sent to you by email, are deemed to be received when you are able to access it on your computer, mobile or handheld device.


The Acceptance/Confirmation of Payment and any automatic recording systems used by the Customer Contact Center or on the website will be a proof of a binding agreement between you and JYOTI. You are advised to keep a copy (electronically and/or on paper) of all information associated with your order (i.e. the Confirmation of Order, Acceptance of Payment etc.).



Problems of Delivery

Once you confirm receipt of the order, you should check the order to confirm accuracy. If there are any discrepancies, you should immediately contact the Customer Contact Center by clicking here to report the issue.  Any failure to deliver or a delivery delay exceeding 3 business days from the shipment date should be reported to our customer service department the same day.

Reservation of Title

Products ordered by customers will remain the property of JYOTI until JYOTI has received full payment thereof. If there is any problem with payment, the customer is responsible to return the goods received to JYOTI immediately upon request. 


All orders placed through the Customer Contact Center or on the Website are subject to availability and acceptance by JYOTI. JYOTI will not be liable if any product is out of stock or otherwise unavailable.  JYOTI reserves the right to change the assortment of items offered on the JYOTI.com website from time to time without prior notice to the customer.


In the circumstance that any item a customer selects becomes unavailable after confirmation of the order, the customer service representative will inform the customer by phone or e-mail as soon as possible.   The customer may have the option to either choose another product, or request to special order the product on the original order, or cancel the order only for the item not available.  If the original order had multiple products, the customer service representative will inform the customer by phone or email about which items in the original order will ship. The customer will only be charged the price, taxes and shipping costs for the part of the order which is shipped and may then choose another item to replace the unavailable item, which will be processed as a separate order.


The prices of JYOTI products are indicated in U.S. dollars, excluding taxes and shipping costs.
JYOTI reserves the right to modify the price of products, shipping costs and offers or promotions at any time without prior notice to the customer at the company’s sole and absolute discretion. If there is a price increase on a product, a customer will get the price at the time of purchase. No price adjustments will be made if the price changes to a lower price after a purchase.



Sales Tax


JYOTI, LLC may add sales tax for all orders if and when applicable.  You are responsible for any local and/or state taxes including but not limited to the use tax.


Actual shipping costs and applicable taxes will be reflected in the Confirmation of Order and invoice. Delivery/shipping costs and estimated sales are not stated on the product pages but will be added to the product price after you have chosen your delivery options. The actual sales tax will be calculated when we dispatch the order. Please note that, in exceptional cases, the actual sales tax charged to your order may vary depending on changes in applicable law between the date you placed your order and the date we send you the Confirmation of Order.





Secure Payment

JYOTI, LLC is pleased to accept the following credit cards as convenient means of payment: American Express, Master Card, and Visa, charge cards and debit cards . We only accept U.S. issued cards.  We only process orders that contain both a U.S. billing and U.S. delivery address.  Please note that the individual who submits the order must be the cardholder whose name appears on the credit card. You are responsible for the safety of your own credit card and debit cards details. If a purchase is made on www.JyotiNewYork.com or via phone through JYOTI customer contact center, it is expressly implied that the purchaser is also the card-holder and that the purchase is being made by the consent and knowledge of the card holder. JYOTI, LLC is not liable or responsible in case of a fraudulent charge and will not refund any monies to the credit-card company or to the actual card-holder.


All credit/debit card holders are subject to validation checks and authorization by the card issuer. If the issuer of your payment card refuses to authorize payment to JYOTI, you will need to contact your card issuer directly to solve this problem, and JYOTI will not be liable for any delay or non-delivery.


In order to secure your transactions and prevent fraud, by making an offer to purchase JYOTI products on the Website or through the Customer Contact Center, you expressly authorize JYOTI to perform credit checks and, where JYOTI deems necessary, to transmit or to obtain information (including any updated information) about you to or from third parties from time to time, including but not limited to your credit-card number, state ID, or driver’s license to authenticate your identity, to validate your credit card, to obtain an initial credit card authorization and to authorize individual purchase transactions. To protect you from fraudulent activities, JYOTI may also contact you via email or via phone.

Photography, Sizes & Colors

While every effort will be made to ensure that the photographs or graphical representations of the JYOTI products displayed on the website are representative of the color, design, and style of the original products, slight variations may occur for technical and other reasons. Some items may appear slightly larger or smaller than actual size due to screen defaults and photography techniques. Other items may be represented at a larger than actual size in order to clearly show details or smaller than actual size in order to show the entire item. The colors, textures and finishes of jewelry may also appear different from the original depending upon the screen settings and photography. Accordingly, JYOTI, LLC shall not be liable for any error or inaccuracy in the photographs or graphical or written representations of JYOTI products displayed on the website or via electronic or mailed communications. If the customer has any questions about the products, they may contact the Customer Contact Center by clicking here.

Updated as of june 18th 2013