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Design Aesthetic


Bespoke Design Aesthetic


Jyoti designs your jewels to be a true reflection of you, mirroring your story, your style, and your personality. An intuitive talent, she adapts her design sensibility to meet your individual criteria, tapping into your dreams and aspirations.

Each Jyoti jewel is imbued with her signature design elements: versatility, interactivity, and exuberance. Precision, proportions, and detailed craftsmanship  are of paramount importance.  With every piece designed to fit your individual lifestyle, wearability is key to the overall design. Jyoti’s magnificent jewels are not only meant to be admired, but also they are comfortable and functional, intended to be worn every day.

Jyoti approaches every bespoke creation from a fresh perspective. In her effort to create the extraordinary, she pushes her imagination, exploring uncharted silhouettes, even developing revolutionary concepts that have never been designed before. Through her ingenious creations, Jyoti celebrates other people’s lives in the most special way they deserve.

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