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Hugs Do Wonders Blue Topaz Drop Earrings



We believe that Jewelry is something special, but jewelry does not need to be bought for a special occasion, or holiday or birthday or anniversary! It is something so personal, so empowedesign that you buy it "Just Because!". And when you do, it should capture your soul, your energy, your true essence! It connects with who you really are...it is something you get for yourself, after all who knows your inner deeper self, better than YOU!! We designed the "Just Because?" Collection so that you can wear it Just Because?! "Just because it makes me happy!" "Just because I am worth it", "Just because I want to express myself", "Just because I am special", "Just because I want a pick me up!", "Just because it complements my beauty". So go on, tell us what is your ?Just Because?? that makes enriches you and makes you happy!

Blue Topaz: 10.10 Ct, 18 K,  Length: 1.25 Inches Width: 0.35

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