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  • The Catalyst Necklace - Custom Bespoke pendant to tell the story of The Resolution Project.   A spherical shape, flat in the back - the necklace represents the global impact and reach or the non profit.  100% of the net proceeds to the non-profit The Resolution Project
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The Catalyst Necklace


This bespoke necklace is designed to celebrate the philosophy of the non-profit organization The Resolution Project.  100% of the net proceeds from each sale are donated to www.resolutionproject.org to fund young social entrepreneurs who resolve some of the world's most pressing issues.  
Designer Jyoti Singhvi artfully designed the “The Catalyst” necklace to reflect the impact that an individual & an organization can have as a catalytic force to help change the world for the better. The spherical pendant represents the global reach, and the steps & strides we take to resolve problems. The seven gemstones in the front of the pendant represent the seven areas critical to the sustenance of a being: basic needs, development, education, energy & environment, equality & empowerment, health & wellness, and humanitarian aid.  
The Catalyst Necklace also reverberate our own personal stories. The meaning gets deeper as we continue to live lives and create experiences, memories and stories, which culminate as the ever evolving constellations within the architecture of the necklace.  What we do for people and communities around us, has a far-reaching catalytic impact and it alters the lives of people in ways we may not be able to always see or imagine.  It takes a village...to do anything of consequence.   And we all play our very important role in this global village/eco-system.  In fact our own lives are so intertwined with the lives of others, that we can not exist without the support of the person next to us and our support allows someone else to exist & uplift.  Zoom in, & you will see this idea beautifully encapsulated with the triangular units, unified together as they share an arm with their neighbor.  As we all hold hands together, we cast a galactic light of hope on a dark earth.  We encourage you to ponder everyday - whose lives have you touched today?  And who has made your life worth living today? Reach out & express your catalytic gratitude.
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