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Tranquil Jasmine Garden Anniversary Ring


Client StoryThis bespoke one-of-a-kind ring is a 10th anniversary toast to a couple that has never fought in their decade of marriage! Jasmine is her favorite flower. When there are jasmine flowers in the room, she believes that everything around her is more peaceful. The blossoms remind her of her simpler life as a child, and they make her happy. Needless to say, jasmine was the official flower of their wedding! The couple has two lovely girls, who are the most important symbols of their love.


DesignJyoti custom designed a “Jasmine Garden” to evoke memories and uplift moods.  Each flower represents the most important tenets of their marriage: love, trust, commitment, and sacrifice. An intricate gallery with the initials of the couple and their children connects the family together as it elevates the center diamond.

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