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Windows of Perception Necklace


Client Story: This is a bespoke one-of-a-kind necklace custom designed to tell the story of our client.  She is a beautiful and intelligent young woman born in Iran.  In 1970's, when she was 2 years old, her family had to flee to save their lives from the turmoil caused by political unrest.  In the process her 6 month old sister was kidnapped! With much difficulty, the family rescued the baby, and then moved to Europe and lived all over Europe for a few years.  They finally settled down in Mexico, where she grew up.  She moved to the U.S. for college and now lives and works in the United States.  The person she is today is the result of 3 distinct cultures (Persion, Mexican and American) and 3 different religions (that her parents and husband practice).  

Therefore we designed the necklace to be a symbol of a beautiful amalgation of the influence of 3 cultures and 3 religions in her life.  A the core of the pendant are the 6 windows of perception, through which she sees and perceives the world. The framing of the rosy rubies highlight her extremely positive attitude in all situations!

As we were uncovering her story, she mentioned that she also wants to make memories of all her experiences.  So we designed the necklace brooch like a keepsake box which opens and closes to store her memories.   Having moved a lot in her life, she is seeking stability – the symmetrically designed, perfectly balanced pendant augurs the balance she seeks in her life.

To fit her jet-setting lifestyle, we designed the pendant to be versatile – so it can be either clasped on to pearls for a sophisticated look or it could be strung into a chain to wear casually.

To surprise her, we presented her with a framed, hand calligraphed poem written for her by Jyoti.  And in another matching frame we gifted her the original hand-painted art work with the authentic design of the pendant.  Needless to say she was speechless!


Client Testimonial

The narration of my story through the necklace you designed for me was very special. I have not seen anything like this before!!!  I was very pleased with the final creation. The experience was a very intimate and a personal one. You listened to me and understood what I was looking for. I certainly felt I could trust you in the final creation. You respected and worked with my limited budget. The story told through poetry & the framed original art was amazing!" - M.M.M.  (New York and Houston)

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